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Xpedition Modules

Xpedition provides powerful customer analysis, trend discovery and sales prediction never before available to retailers and brands. Using your structured product and transaction data, third party data, shopping activity, and social sentiment, Reflektion provides insights and predictions about your business that can be integrated into your commerce processes from marketing to assortment planning without any investment in infrastructure.

Customer Analysis

Get Real-Time Customer Insights from the Bottom Up

Xpedition Customer Analysis combines large shopping, social and transactional datasets with third party sources to develop deep insights at the "atomic" visitor level. Xpedition aggregates these profiles into defined segments, revealing visit, purchasing and other patterns with much greater precision. Based on current data with a historical perspective, Xpedition reveals how customer groups are contributing to trends and results. Xpedition supports analytics based on user-defined segments and proven statistical methods that reveal critical insights and opportunities.

Trend Discovery

Unlock New Product Trends and Revenue Opportunities

Xpedition Trend Discover learns about your products, their attributes and the customers that browse and buy them. Xpedition discovers trends that are difficult to see with traditional view of data. Social discovery provides additional insights into what categories, products and product attributes are most important for your customers now and in the future.

Sales Prediction

Know Future Product Demand

Xpedition Sales Prediction simulates future demand using knowledge about the intent of your customers and trends with your products. Unlike traditional top-down planning models, Xpedition applies machine-learning techniques to predict demand data by customer segment and product category and simulate likely outcomes for your business. Plan inventory and promotional strategies using predictive outcomes from current trends rather than stale historical data.

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