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Reinventing Commerce ONE Customer at a Time

Putting customers at the heart of your commerce systems can yield revolutionary results. Reflektion offers a quick and easy way for retailers and brands to achieve better business performance. We do the number crunching, learning and delivering applications from the cloud. Our patented algorithms and technology reduce computational overhead by hundreds of times, enabling modeling of individual users every day. Reflektion detects trends and predicts in real-time what each customer is most likely to buy next, enabling dramatically higher sales and customer engagement. These technologies are packaged in a set of easily deployable solutions for personalized ecommerce, customer analytics, and personalized marketing.

These retail sites leverage the Reflektion Platform:


Reflektion provides ready to use modular solutions that transform your commerce system without undertaking a large-scale development initiative. Our cloud-based solutions are designed to have you up and running in a week. Simply choose the modules that meet your needs. They’re easy to deploy and integrate into your existing Commerce systems without any additional staff or maintenance. All modules are built upon the Reflektion platform providing a coherent, real-time view of your customers and your business.

Personalized eCommerce Solution

Xplorer Modules

  • Predictive Product Recommendations
  • Visual Site Search
  • Creative Optimization
  • Responsive Messaging
  • Dynamic Discounting
  • Mobile Optimization

Customer Analytics Solution

Xpedition Modules

  • Customer Analysis
  • Trend Discovery
  • Sales Prediction

Personalized Marketing Solution

Xposure Modules
(coming soon)

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